We Forget

What We Forget

There are times like this
times like this when we see the way
we’ve been seeing has been an illusion
a fantasy
a world we’ve been trying to make
that was never really there at all.

We suffer and don’t know why
We look for meaning in other’s dreams

We’ve been chasing carrots
Thinking it was a race to the top

But maybe this feeling
this soul restlessness
is just the real world calling
A world that has been with us for
A long long long time

We forget until someone sits in front of us one day
And wakes us through their refusal
to go away

Reminds us
The real work is remembering
Not in doing more or learning
more. It’s in remembering.

We’ve been here before
Others have been here before
We were taught what to do

Remember the map the way the love
the thing we must do and who we are
And that person needs us
Not a lesson

Close our eyes breath deep
We can remember

It wasn’t always this way
You weren’t always this way

Southern California Wildflower


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